​​Powerboat Nationals
invites you to drive one of our Formula Lights Powerboats!

You will learn to drive one of these race boats in a safe, enjoyable environment, at an affordable cost. Walk away with a ride of a lifetime and you'll be one step closer to racing as a competitor in an up-coming "Powerboat Nationals" event.


This is the first step of the Driving School. Perspective candidates will ride along with an experienced driving school instructor to show you how it feels to be in tunnel boat and demonstrate how the boat will handle and to gauge your interest in going to the next step of the driving school. The next step is Capsule Training and it is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT to be able to pilot a boat by yourself.

*You are able to drop out of the driving school training process at any time.



Powerboat Nationals qualified rescue team will give you the same capsule training that ALL Powerboat Nationals racers must take. You'll learn to use an onboard air system, and how to safely and calmly exit a flipped boat. Capsule

Training is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT to drive a boat by yourself.


-If you decide that you want to race professionally, this will be a requirement that is mandated every 2 years by Powerboat Nationals and the sanctioning body, The American Power Boat Association.


Experienced race drivers will teach you racing terms, tips on safety and boat handling. Crew members will teach you details about the boat and how things work from the outside of the cockpit.

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Then it's your turn to drive 10 - 15 laps. Your instructor will guide you via radio, and evaluate you after you come in off of the race course. Remember...You are not racing; you are learning to drive. On each lap, you'll gain confidence and skill.



Safety is our top priority. That is why we are offering a driving school. This will be an APBA & IJSBA approved event. Which means... You will have the Powerboat Nationals

professional rescue team on-site during all training.



Friday 7 pm to 9 pm - Meet & Greet - Student Social Time (Off Site) TBD

Saturday 6 am to 7 am - Capsule Training for Pro Tunnel Driving Academy

Saturday 8am to 10:30 am - Classroom Training for Formula Light Boats

Saturday 10:30am to Noon - Classroom Training for Jet Ski Boats

Saturday 11am to Noon - Lunch (Off Site) for Pro Tunnel Boat

Saturday Noon to 1pm - Lunch (Off Site) for SPARK Series

Saturday Noon to 1pm  - Driving School Boat hands on overview @ the ramp

Saturday 1pm to 6pm - Water time in the Driving School Boat & the Jet Ski

Saturday 8pm - Driving Academy Awards Celebration and Dinner


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Steve Merleau


* Team Nashville Marine

* Team Kingdom Energy

* Team Merleau Racing

Dan Bunting


* Team Gulf Marine

* Team Flex Seal

* Team Monster Energy

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Your Driving School Instructors and advisors are current or former boat racers themselves. They will help to instruct you on how to drive the School Boat and the do's and not do's of driving a Formula Light tunnel boat or Hydro-Cross Jet Ski.

Jeff Vasko


* Team E3 Spark Plugs

* Team Hampton Inn

* Team Holiday Inn

Mark Jakob


* Team Budweiser Racing

* Team Pepsi Racing

* Team Hard Rock Cafe

​​​​Driving Academy will supply:


  • The Race Boat

  • The Safety Equipment

  • The Communications Equipment

  • The Classroom and on-water Instruction

  • The Capsule Training & Certification

  • The Current APBA or IJSBA On-Line Rule Book

  • The Certificate of Completion

  • Weekend License for either APBA or IJSBA

  • Hotel Room for Friday and Saturday Nights

  • Lunch on Saturday and Dinner on Saturday Night


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"Ride of a Lifetime"
in the 2-Seater
Formula 1 Race Boat
Includes: T-Shirt & Photo

Driving Academy
$ 1500.00
Includes: Powerboat Nationals Racing License


Driving Academy is limited to 10 participants in Each Class

Coming to Branson, MO in 2022