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​​Powerboat Nationals
invites you to experience a ride of a lifetime in our 2 Seater Powerboat!

Ride in a real life 2 seater race boats in a safe, enjoyable environment and walk away with checking this off your bucket list.

This is a great opportunity, before enrolling in our Powerboat Nationals Formula Lights Driving Academy. 



The 2 seater experience will directed by the Chief Referee and guided by the Driving Academy Board of Directors and the following rules shall apply:

  • The 2 Seater will be used as a promotional tool, mainly for Formula Lights Driving Academy

  • The participant(s) must be a member of APBA

  • The participant(s) must sign an APBA Insurance Waiver and Release Form

  • The pilot of the 2 Seater will be an experienced APBA OPC driver

  • The participant(s) must be approved by the Referee and the Driving Academy Board of Directors

  • The minimum age for participation is 16 years old, with a current driver's license and/or state identification card

  • A minor between the ages of 16 and 18 must sign the Minor Waiver and Release form, and have a parent present to sign

  • The participant(s) will receive training on safety gear and exit procedures, in the event of an incident

  • The 2 Seater experience boat will only run solo on the course and not run with any other race craft on the course

  • The Referee will determine the pilots operating procedures for the day, based on weather conditions and the course layout

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