Powerboat Nationals is seeking a marketing partnership agreement for the entire race season with a "National Brand" product and/or company to be the Title Sponsor of the Powerboat Nationals Series. Each venue brings anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 spectators to the area for a typical race weekend. During a full season of Powerboat Nationals, there is an opportunity to get your product and logo in front of an estimated 1 million consumers that attend Powerboat Nationals events in person, with another 40 million viewing the acticon on national and internet television.
Title Sponsorship is the premier partnership of the Powerboat Nationals Series. Powerboat Nationals offers only two (2) Title Sponsorship deals per season and your company will be advertised as an "Official Product" of Powerboat Nationals.
Powerboat Nationals Title Sponsorship offers website links, on-boat advertising for every boat entered during a Powerboat Nationals event, special VIP and PIT passes for your staff, pre-race media releases, and photo opportunities with drivers and boats. Your 30 second commercial will be featured in each episode of a Powerboat Nationals event that will air on FOX Sports.
Choose from the below options:
Option 1
(Company Name) Powerboat Nationals Championship Series
Option 2
Powerboat Nationals Championship Series presented by (Company Name)