Extreme Powerboat Racing is seeking marketing partnership agreements for the entire race season with "National Brand" products and companies. Each venue brings anywhere from 20,000 to 500,000 spectators to the area for race weekend. During a full season of Extreme Powerboat Racing, there is an opportunity to get your company name, product and logo in front of an estimated 1 million consumers that attend the Powerboat Nationals in person, with another 40 million viewing the acticon on national and internet television.

Series Sponsorship is the bread and butter of the Powerboat Nationals Series. Extreme Powerboat has multiple series sponsorship deals available per season, but only 1 single series sponsorship deal available for each product. Your company will be the lone sponsor during the season for any "Official" product. 

This is how the agreement can work! Extreme Powerboat Racing offers website presence on every page with a link to your main website, on-boat advertising of your company name and logo for every boat entered, pit passes and special VIP area for your staff, pre-race media releases of your sponsorship, and your group's photo with drivers and boats in exchange for providing prizes and monies at each race venue during the race year. We will also publish a story - along with a photo - about your business and run it on our website for up to one year from the date of the agreement.

Take your business to the next level by teaming with Extreme Powerboat Racing! We also can have a boat on display at your business or trade show event. if scheduling permits.

If your company would like to team with Extreme Powerboat Racing during any of our racing events please contact our Sponsor/Partner Director by email at: