Extreme Powerboat Racing is seeking marketing partnership agreements for the race season with "National Brand" companies that would like to have real estate on their very own race boat.

​Due to the shape of the tunnel hulls, these are one of the fastest turning and most nimble powerboats in the world. Our powerboats reach top speeds of up to 100 mph, these boats are incurring more G-Forces in a turn, than any other raing machine on the planet. This enables these pilots to race closer to river banks and lake shores. Powerboats carry about the same amount of surface advertising space as a typical race car, for much less of an expense.

Previous and existing sponsorship partners have included major brands such as: Monster Energy, Flex Seal, Hard Rock Cafe, E3 Spark Plugs, JEGS High Performance, Subway, Hampton Inn and VP Racing Fuels. Each year, an estimated 1 million consumers attend races with another 40 million viewing the action on national and internet television.

If your company would like to team with Extreme Powerboat Racing, please contact:






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