Hosting a Powerboat Race in your City? 

Powerboat Nationals will accept Host City bid packages beginning on September 1st through December 31st. Bids for Grand Prix Events and Qualifier Events, will take place for the following calendar year. All bids will be awarded on January 15th.
Currently Accepting bids from the following states:
  • Ohio                     Kentucky                    Pennsylvania
  • Michigan              Indiana                       West Virginia
  • Virginia                Illinois                         Tennessee
  • Missouri               North Carolina         South Carolina
  • Wisconsin            Georgia                      New York
  • Arkansas              Alabama                    Mississippi
  • Louisiana             Florida                        Maryland
Q.   What does it take to host a Championship Powerboat Race?
A.   It takes an appropriate venue.
  • Plenty of room for spectators and vendors.
  • It takes a quality body of water where spectators will get a great view.
  • Adequate space for the hot and cold "Pit" areas.
  • Adequate parking in close proximity to the event for spectators to access the race area?
  • Most importantly it requires adequate funding from the Host City.
Q.   How does Powerboat Nationals determine if your town will have an opportunity to host a race?
A.   Many issues are considered and evaluated before being chosen as a host city.
  • We rely on support from the local community, City Government, Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Bureau, Economic Development and Sponsors.
  • Safety of the racers, crew and spectators during the event.
  • Site inspections and permits that are required.
Q.   What is the big difference between a Grand Prix Event and a Qualifier Event?
A.     Grand Prix Event                                                       Qualifier Event
          1. Television Program - 30 Minutes                      1. No Television - Express Social Media only
          2. Minimum number of 25 Boats attending       2. No minimum number of boats attending
          3. National level officating staff                             3. Local level officiating staff
          4. Nationals level competitors                                4. Local level competitors
          5. Only 1 awarded to each state                             5. Multiple Qualifiers allowed per state
Q.   How long does a typical boat race last?
A.   This could change due to numerous factors, but here is an example of a race weekend.
  • 1pm-6pm       Teams arrive in Host City and do Safety Inspection of boats.
  • 7pm-9pm       Driver and Crew Dinner Party
  • 9am                Drivers Meeting
  • 11am             Testing
  • Noon              Autograph Session
  • 1pm                Opening Ceremony
  • 1pm                Time Trials - 1 Lap Total Time
  • 2pm                Qualifying Races
  • 7pm- 9pm     Driver and Crew Dinner Party
  • 9am               Drivers Meeting
  • 11am             Testing
  • 1pm               Opening Ceremony
  • 1pm               Last Chance Qualifier
  • 2pm               Final Championship Race
  • 5pm               Inspection
  • 5:30pm         Awards Ceremony
  • 6pm               Give the streets back to the City
Q.   What type of Safety and Insurance is involved in this kind of event?
A.   Powerboat Nationals conducts all of their races under the sanctioning body of the American Power
Boat Association (APBA). The APBA requires strict safety regulations and specifications on all of it's race boats and drivers. Powerboat Nationals strictly adheres to all requirements and all of our drivers are members of APBA. We are covered under the APBA insurance policy while racing.
Q.   What type of Rescue equipment will be needed?
A.   Powerboat Nationals will provide two (2) rescue boats to be on the course with at least one
rescue scuba diver onboard each boat. We will need to have a fully equipped and functional ambulance in the area of the exit ramp and two (2) patrol boats on the water, during the time that boats are on the water and two (2) tow boats arranged by the Host City. We will attempt to secure a medial helicopter to be onsite.
Q.   Where do sponsors come from?
A.   There are many types of sponsors...Series Sponsors assist with helping the series stay alive. Team
Sponsors assist each team individually with their needs and Local Event Sponsors help to bring the tour to your town. This is probably the most important sponsor of all. Without the help of the Local Event Sponsors, the event will likely, not be able to come to your community. The Local Event Sponsors help with assistance in the funding of the event, in return they usually receive advertising at the event. Once the Sponsors have committed, the event is sanctioned and placed on the tour schedule.
Q.   What to expect on Friday of race weekend?
A.   Friday the pits will start to fill with race teams, they will bring trucks, trailers, race boats, crew and
family. If the pit area is deemed safe and secure, many boats will stay in the pits unattended over night. Some teams may stay in the pits working late into the evening and early in the morning getting ready for race day.
Q.   Can you tell me more about the pit area?
A.   The Pits consist of 2 areas...The "Cold" pits and the "Hot"  pits. The cold pits is where the teams will
set up the boats and their equipment. The hot pits is the area that the the boats are going in and out of the water and last minute repairs are frequently being made. The entire pit area is very dangerous and is only open to authorized personnel, the general public is not allowed to enter this area during scheduled racing times.
Q.   What do the race teams do for the local economy?
A.   Most drivers and teams will need to rent hotel/lodging accommodations. Along with the driver and
teams, we have many friends, family and fans that attend our races and will buy local products and cuisine from your area. This usually benefits the Local Event Sponsors that made the race a reality. In most cases, we have decals of the Event Sponsors on our race boats and encourage fans to frequent their establishments in support of boat racing in the community.
Q.   What is the next step in securing a race date in our community?
A.   If you are having a local event that will take place near water, this may be a great weekend to
schedule extra entertainment with our Powerboat Nationals Championship Racing. Most communities form a Race Committee that many times consist of the local Visitors Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, The Mayor's Office, Area Merchants and other orginizations. This Race Committee will work on securing Local Event Sponsors and funding that will enable us to race in your area. If you need help with this, Powerboat Nationals would be happy to assist you in this area.
Q.   Available Dates?
A.   You will need to look at the current schedule  CLICK HERE  and see what is available in your area.
Q.   Can our event be on TV?
A.   Yes...If you win the bid...Powerboat Nationals works with a professional sports production company
          that will film, edit and produce your event for your local area's regional sports television network.