Extreme Powerboat Racing is seeking marketing partnership agreements for the race season with... National Brand Contingency Sponsors

Contingency Sponsor -

Extreme Powerboat can design or assit in your company designing a contingency program (within certain guidelines) and Extreme Powerboat will assist in the administration of the program.
* Your company will agree to pay out prizes or monies to designated finishers that finish in the final race of the weekend. Extreme Powerboat will make the contingency program info available to all it’s members.
* You provide your company logo stickers and/or brand vector artwork and Extreme Powerboat will make them available to all Powerboat National Series members.
* Your company agrees to assist in designing the contingency program and provide the Extreme Powerboat with all necessary requirement details for your contingency program. Extreme Powerboat will make effort to maintain compliance with your company program.
* Extreme Powerboat will have the official results available after each event.