The "Powerboat Nationals" is the "New Wave" in speed boat racing!
Experience the thrills of breath-taking and heart pounding Championship Powerboat Racing in a city near you. Events will be viewed by tens of thousands on river and lake shores and on many occasions, viewed by millions on national television and viewed all over the world on the internet.
Tunnel Boats are the fastest turning and most nimble race boats in the world! Our water rockets reach top speeds over 100 mph!
What makes our boats EXTREME!?! These pilots take the turns full throttle and often incur as many G-Forces as Indy Car Drivers. Whether on a lake or a raging river, the race cource is ever-changing with each new wave. These Powerboats literally fly on water!!!
Powerboat Nationals works in association with host cities to secure tour dates and make stops throughout the United States. Come and cheer on professional race teams as they compete against each another in pursuit of a Championship Title.
The Powerboat Nationals offers intense competition, and a high level of professionalism. This is an action-packed premier event that will provide a "New Wave" of entertainment for all ages!